Health and safety are always first priority of Erolidae Villas for customers and staff. Taking into account the new reality with COVID-19 disease and in compliance with the directives of the European Union and the Hellenic Government regarding the management of the disease, it applies proper Prevention and Management Procedures in order to assure health and safety for both customers and staff.

The Prevention and Management Procedures aim at the prevention of appearance and efficient management of suspected cases for the limitation of diffusion. Prevention and Management Procedures are reviewed regularly, following the suggestions of the competent government authorities.

The Prevention and Management Procedures include:

Personal hygiene measures

The Administration takes measures for the application of proper personal hygiene steps (both by employees and third persons) in the workplace and supervises their perpetual application. In particular:

  • Informs and encourages the staff and third persons to respect all personal hygiene and prevention measures (washing – cleansing hands, nose and mouth cover with tissue while coughing or sneezing etc).
  • Supplies proper facilities, e.g. washbasin for hand washing and required products, like antiseptic solutions and hand drying materials (disposable hand towels) for the employees and places appropriate antiseptic devices on entrances / exits and shared areas of the accommodation,
  • Equips the staff with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (masks, face shields, gloves, safety net etc), according to the special instructions / guidelines and decisions of the competent authorities.
  • Trains and informs constantly the staff about the safe use of the Personal Protective Equipment and supervises their proper usage.
  • Supervises the arrival of third persons (e.g customers, partners, distributors etc) in the area of Erolidae Villas, in order to avoid crowding, establishing the respect of the required distance and usage of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Applies program of gradual, rolling arrival and departure of employees, in order to avoid crowding and establish the respect of the required distance.
  • Trains the employees on the management of suspected case occurrence, like immediate information of the sanitary responsible and the Administration for the prevention of Covid-19 diffusion and proceed to the predicted isolation. In detail: a) the person remains in the room with the door closed, b) the person is immediately supplied with medical face mask and tissues, c) if there is an accompanying person who wishes to stay with the person, he/she is also supplied with medical face mask and is recommended to wash his/her hands carefully after every contact with the suspected case without touching his/her face, d) the entrance in the room is not allowed to staff members and there is exclusively one member of the staff that deals with the customer’s requests, e) used personal protective equipment is disposed to special closed waste bin, f) upon the disposal of the protective equipment, hands should be washed carefully.
  • Encourages employees and customers to avoid using elevators,

File and Log of Incidents

  • Keep file of the staff and all the individuals who stayed in the hotel (name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details like address, telephone number, email), in order to facilitate the immediate tracing and communication with the contact persons of eventual Covid-19 case, who settled afterwards.
  • All the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation are followed and all the customers and the staff are informed that we keep a file of sensitive personal data for reasons of public health protection.

Customers – Guests

All guests should read the «Covid-19 Management and Prevention Procedures’ Protocol» and comply with, at least, the following required hygiene measures,

  • Frequent hand washing and use of antiseptics and cleansers,
  • Maintain the required distance (at least 1.5 meter) from the staff and the other guests,
  • Be informed about the location of public and private hospitals,
  • Wear personal protective equipment (masks, gloves etc),
  • In case of occurrence of COVID-19 symptoms (fever/ coughing/ sore throat/ rheum or runny nose /headache /physical tiredness/shortness of breath /other symptoms), they should contact immediately the reception department of Erolidae Villas
  • Daily change of sheets, pillows and towels only upon request by the guest,
  • Regarding payments, credit or debit cards are recommended,
  • Non guests – customers of Erolidae Villas are not allowed to enter in the area of the accommodation,
  • The doors and windows of the rooms are recommended to stay open throughout the day for natural ventilation,
  • Crowding in Erolidae Villas areas should be avoided.
  • If anytime during their stay the guests will feel even the slightest symptom of coughing, headache, mild fever, they should stay in the room and contact immediately the reception.
  • Upon departure, in case of occurrence of COVID-19 symptoms or positive result of COVID-19 test, within 14 days since their departure, they should let us know immediately.


All members of the hotel staff apply proper personal hygiene measures against Covid-19. In particular:

  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 40 seconds, definitely before and after contact with money or client’s objects, before food, before and after the break, after toilet and careful hands drying using disposable hand towels and their disposal in the waste bins. Alternatively, use of antiseptic solutions based on alcohol with content at least 60% of ethyl alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Nose and mouth cover while coughing or sneezing with tissue / alternatively if this is not available, mouth cover by the internal part of the elbow.
  • Disposal of tissues or other materials of personal hygiene or equipment used for the disinfection of work tables to closed waste bin.
  • Avoid hand shaking and, in general, close physical contact, maintain distance of at least two meters from the colleagues, the customers or third persons in all work areas, hotel areas and rest areas.
  • Avoid touching the front part of the face mask or shield.
  • Avoid touching face using hands.
  • Until further governmental instructions. ALL employees should be self-tested, mandatorily, twice a week; the results should be stated in the Statement Platform COVID-19 tests in “ERGANI”, upon completion of the special form “Solemn Declaration of Employees for the registration of COVID-19 TEST result”. NO employee is allowed to come for work if not self-tested and submitted the results.
  • Inform the sanitary responsible in case of malaise or occurrence of symptoms compatible to Covid-19 infection or contact with suspected or confirmed case and removal from the work area.
  • Stay home in case of malaise and information of the sanitary responsible.
  • Be back in the work area only if the laboratory exam is negative and after 14 days since the close contact with confirmed case of Covid-19..

Reception service

  • Inform guests about the Prevention and Management Procedures
  • Inform about health suppliers, public and private hospitals, COVID-19 hospitals and pharmacies near the area
  • Supply Personal Protection Equipment, if requested by the customer.
  • Medical kit for any case occurrence, e.g gloves and disposable masks, antiseptics, cleansing tissues, apron, long sleeve robe, laser thermometer. The Medical kit is fully equipped and placed behind the reception area of Erolidae Villas.
  • Train the staff in order to recognize symptoms for the customers and report it immediately to the sanitary responsible person.
  • Use of protective glass panel in the reception area
  • Placing antiseptic solution for use by the guests in the reception area.
  • Regular disinfection of surfaces in the reception area.
  • Regular configuration of the reception area in order to maintain distance.
  • Placing floor signaling in two-meter distance for the customer, and proper distance signaling in the waiting area. The furniture arrangement is also modified, while the individuals that expect to be helped out should be guided in order to reduce waiting time and maintain safety distance.
  • Avoid crowding during check-in/check-out, supervise the maintenance of physical distance.
  • Chance to check-in one day before arrival via email and same for check-out in order to avoid crowding and maintain physical distance.
  • Encourage electronic payment for accommodation fees, electronic sending of bills, invoices and receipts (cash accepted only in extraordinary cases).
  • Expansion of check-out and check-in times between arrivals in order to assure that the accommodation has completed cleaning, careful disinfection procedures and the area is sufficiently and naturally ventilated.
  • The entrance to individuals not staying in Erolidae Villas is not allowed.

Cleaning Services in the accommodation

  • The cleaning staff uses disposable medical mask, gloves and waterproof robe.
  • Upon the removal of the Personal Protective Equipment, it is necessary to wash hands carefully using soap and water and the disposal of the equipment in closed container.
  • All hard surfaces, floors, chairs, handles etc are cleaned and disinfected using disposable cloths/tissues or cleaning paper and mops with extractable heads.
  • The rejected equipment is treated like eventual infectious material and is disposed into special bags.
  • 0,1% sodium hypochlorite is used after cleaning with neutral cleanser. For surfaces that might be damaged by the use of sodium hypochlorite, the use of 70% concentration of ethanol is necessary after cleaning with neutral cleanser.
  • During the use of detergents, the area should be well ventilated.
  • Avoid splashing and spraying while cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Careful cleaning and very good room ventilation are applied during the intervals between stays.
  • Supervision of the good functioning of dishwashers and washing machines is implemented, regarding the used temperature and the doses of the detergents.
  • Supervision of the sufficient quantity of Personal Protection Equipment for the staff (gloves, masks, robe, closed footwear etc).
  • The administration observes discreetly the clients for eventual symptoms to be handled.
  • Regarding the departures, 2 protocols come into effect: a) Regular cleaning and waiting 24 hours before the accommodation will become available to a new client or b) Careful cleaning – disinfection on the surfaces of the room and the bathroom.
  • Special disposable zipper covers on TV and air conditioning remote controls after their disinfection.
  • The fabric surfaces are cleaned with the help of steam device (temperature > 70°).
  • Doors and windows are opened daily for the natural ventilation of the area.

Preparation rooms/ Kitchen

  • The kitchen staff follows HACCP rules (depiction of fridge temperatures, lists of prepared food, temperatures of hot preparations).
  • Collection of merchandises by specific member of the staff, being always equipped with the recommended Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Respect of FIFO procedure (first in – first out).
  • Maintain distances between the kitchen employees, according to the requirements of the sanitary authorities.
  • The entrance in the kitchen area is not allowed to individuals who are not working there. In case this cannot be avoided, the guest is supplied with the suitable personal protection equipment in order to enter the kitchen.


  • The staff takes all required measures for hand sanitizing, maintains distances of at least one meter from customers, colleagues or third persons and uses properly the protective equipment.
  • The serving service of the accommodation and the dish delivery are implemented without contact.
  • The maximum allowed number of guests in the restaurant is defined following the ratio of one client per 2 squ.met. of total usable allowed operational surface of the area.
  • Six (6) persons are defined as the maximum number of seated persons in a table.
  • The restriction is not valid when it comes to family with minor children.
  • The minimum distances between the tables are applied, depending on the layout of the seats.

Shared areas

The following measures are applied in shared areas:

  • Good ventilation of the shared areas.
  • Antiseptic solutions (in steady or non steady devices) for the dry antisepsis of hands.
  • Signaling to remind the customers to maintain physical distance.
  • Furniture moved in order to avoid crowding in shared areas (4 persons/10 squ.met.)
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces.

Air conditioning and Ventilation in the area

  • Increase of fresh air supply in all the Central Air conditioning Units.
  • Avoid air re-circulation.
  • Perpetual operation of Central Air conditioning Units (24/7) even if the respective department is not operating, in order to avoid propagation of microorganisms.
  • Assurance of sufficient ventilation with external air in all areas.
  • Replacement of filters for the Central air conditioning Units and split units will be implemented according to the scheduled service and the works will be executed by using and taking all protective measures (personal protection measures, area ventilation, secure disposal of replaced filters) including respiratory protection.

Environmental measures

The environmental measures for the restriction of the virus dispersion include the following:

  • Availability and placement of covered waste bins for the disposal of disposable Personal Protection Equipment, tissues, hand tissues or other equipment immediately after their use for the disinfection of work surfaces and personal hygiene objects.

Management Plan of Suspected COVID-19 case

If a guest meets the defined criteria of a COVID-19 case, the following should be applied:

  • The hotel’s sanitary responsible person, if considered necessary, proceeds to test COVID-19 and, in case of positive result, the competent service [EODY] is immediately informed about the case and instructions are given for the handling of this case.
  • The suspected case is recommended to stay in the room with the door closed.
  • To a patient with symptoms of respiratory infection (coughing, sneezing, runny nose), disposable medical mask and tissues are supplied immediately.
  • If there is accompanying person for the patient, who wishes to stay with him/her in order to take care of him/her, he/she is also supplied with a disposable medical mask and it is recommended to wash his/her hands every time he/she contacts secretions of the patient and definitely before he/she touches face or eats or drinks.
  • The entry in the patient’s room is not allowed, unless there is very important reason. In case of emergency, a member of the hotel staff handles exclusively eventual suspected case.
  • The used of protective equipment is disposed in covered waste bin and will never be used again.
  • After the disposal of the protective equipment, hands should be washed.

Cleaning and Disinfecting the Patient’s Room

  • Good cleaning of surfaces frequently touched by the patient, mainly when the surfaces are stained with biological liquids.
  • The fabric surfaces are cleaned using steam device (temperature > 70°).

Collaboration with …………..

Within the frame of the sanitary measures against COVID-19 virus, Erolidae Villas collaborates with …………in order to render the following services to customers and staff:

  • 24/7 access to Medical Call Center ………. For Medical Support and coordination of the required actions.
  • Opportunity to take sample for COVID-19 virus through PCRTEST in …………..
  • Opportunity to take sample for COVID-19 virus through Rapid Test.
  • 24/7 availability of Doctor in order to handle all medical incidents for employees and customers within 1 hour.


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